Swimming Pool Restorations

Providing pool repairs and restoration services in Sydney, Central Coast & Newcastle

Are you looking for someone who can restore your Pool back to it’s former glory!

Our Team has been doing Pool Restorations for over 40 years. They will provide Reliable, Prompt and quality workmanship with experience to transform your pool to brand new again.

We do all repairs to Fibreglass, Concrete, Marblesheen, Vinyl, Pebblecrete & Modular, Epoxy Pool Paints, Pool Coatings – Megashield & Luxapool, Pebblecrete Repairs, All Tiling and Paving.
Servicing all area’s of Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley and all outer regions.


High-Quality Pool Repairs and Restorations

We are the pool renovation experts that tackle all projects skillfully and in line with industry standards. Our team is here to help with material choices and ensure that the pool restoration creates a seamless look in your poolscape. 

Pools are designed to endure exposure to the elements and last for decades, mainly when you maintain them well. But these features have to withstand exposure to outdoor conditions, the sun’s UV rays, chlorinated water, chemicals and of course, regular use. If you find that your pool is looking dull and dated, its tiles are chipped/cracked or even if you feel that you want a change in its appearance, contact the experts at Pool Restorations for all types of pool repair and pool renovations.

Our team of experts can handle all big and small swimming pool renovations expertly and skilfully. We know that some pool restoration projects can represent a significant investment, and you need the kind of expertise we bring to the table. We have the knowledge and experience to handle all these jobs to industry standards and create outstanding experiences for our clients.

No matter how big or small your pool repair or renovations’ requirement, we handle all tasks to your 100% satisfaction. Over the years we have dealt with a variety of projects and our team of designers and installers works in tandem to ensure you get a stunning swimming pool that will be a value add to your property.


Swimming pool services that we offer:

  • Pool Restorations
  • Pool Repairs – Cracks & Chipping Repairs
  • Pool Painting & Coating
  • Pool Resurfacing


Why Opt For Pool Renovations?

As mentioned, different people have different reasons for embarking on a pool restoration project. If you are wondering whether that’s the right way to go, take a look at these benefits of swimming pool renovations:

  • Improved Safety- When all the surfaces and features of your pool are in good condition, it makes your pool safer for use. Loose or cracked tiles can cause injuries to bare feet, loose/chipped/damaged coping can result in an accident or more. Why wait till any of these things take place. Just call us for timely pool repairs- this will significantly improve the safety of your pool and surrounding areas.
  • Easy to Maintain- When you have resilient surfaces and features in your pool that inhibits moss and mildew buildup. It means you can clean all the areas and the pool quickly, making maintenance easier. This aspect also reduces the cost of ownership of the feature, which means you save money in the long term.
  • Add to the Resale Value of your Property- A well-maintained, functional and attractive pool adds to the value of your property and you can recoup almost the entire renovation cost if you plan to sell your house at some point.
  • Enhance the Enjoyment Quotient- When you have a stunning, spruced-up swimming pool you and your family will enjoy the amenity even more, and this means the feature provides even more value to you.


For any more information about our customised swimming pool renovations’ services, feel free to contact Pool Restorations at 0416 488 461. You can also contact us through this online form.