Pebblecrete Pools

Many people have Pebblecrete Pools on their property. These pools look stunning and are quite durable too. But like all pool installations, they would need a certain amount of servicing and repairs in their lifetime. We at Pool Restorations are one of the leading companies in the industry and can handle all types of restorations and repairs of your Pebblecrete pool. Here are some facts about these installations:

  • A pebblecrete pool is made of small pebbles embedded in white, reinforced concrete
    Once the trowelled finish is in place and has partly cured, this surface may either be acid washed or water-blasted to remove a little of the cement matrix; this leaves a bit of the pebbles exposed
  • Current day Pebblecrete Pools are made using considerably smaller pebbles and their finish is much smoother than similar pools that had been installed around the 1980s.

Problems with Pebblecrete Pools

If high-grade materials and workmanship have been used in your pebblecrete pool installation, it can last for a number of years with basic service and maintenance. However, even the well-maintained pools can develop certain problems over time, such as:

  • The pebbles rarely ever get impacted or worn. But over time, the cement matrix gets slowly worn down by the chemicals in the pool water. This makes the surface rough and at times, it may also cause crevices and cracks to appear on the surface
  • These crevices become the perfect spots for algae growth and this causes the surface to get stained and discoloured. If the problem isn’t addressed on time, it becomes  very difficult to remove the algae as their roots penetrate the surface
  • At times some areas of the surface can become drummy as it loses its adhesion from the base layer under it. This can cause it to dislodge completely
  • In some cases, specific spots of the surface get eroded
  • Older pools tend to need higher doses of chemical to ensure they stay looking good
  • However, higher chemical content tends to wear-down the pebbles ; this exposes them further and can easily cut the feet of those who are swimming in the pool

Fixing pebblecrete – The work process

Regardless of the problems you are facing in your Pebblecrete Pools, we at Pool Restorations can handle all types of pool repair & restoration jobs in a skilled and professional manner. There are various aspects involved in our work process:

  • Our experts will first look for algae & calcium deposits. The latter tend to make the pebbles porous
  • The entire pool will be thoroughly acid-washed as this helps get rid of all the calcium and algae. In addition, it also etches the surfaces of the marble and this allows for better adhesion of the sealer as well as the paint.
  • We will check which patches need repairs and resurfacing and will complete that work in a skilled manner.

Pebblecrete Pool Services We Offer

  • Pebblecrete Pool Restorations
  • Pebblecrete Pool Repairs – Cracks & Chipping Repairs
  • Pebblecrete Pool Painting & Coating
  • Pebblecrete Pool Resurfacing

For any more information about our Pebblecrete Pools restoration services and a quote, call Pool Restorations. You can also send us an online enquiry via this page.