Concrete Pools

Efficient and cost-effective concrete pool repairs

Concrete pools are the most common in Australia and with good reason. They are easy to build and take care of. They are also great at being long-lasting without too much maintenance to be done. However, that does not mean that you will never require concrete pool repairs! With time, you may face one or several issues with your concrete pool and the smart thing to do in such a case is to hire the experts. At Pool Restorations, we are the one-stop pool restoration and repair service that you need in the city. We have scores of happy and highly satisfied clients all over the city and we will satisfy you too. So if you need concrete pool repairs and are looking for a firm to provide you with cost-effective services, we are what you need.

Common problems people with concrete pools face

As said before, this is the type of pool that is extremely popular with those who want in-ground swimming pools built. They are really great. However, the following are some of the problems to look out for.

  • Hair-line cracks or fractures
  • Bigger cracks
  • Concrete cancer
  • Worn and torn areas
  • Algae that cannot be controlled
  • Rusting
  • Staining

The problem with most people is that they wait until a minor problem escalates and becomes a much bigger one. So here are a few symptoms to keep an eye out for that may seem small for now but may give rise to bigger problems.

  • Algae attacks
  • Cracking
  • Drummy areas
  • Staining due to rust

If you see any of these symptoms in your concrete pool, it is high time that you gave us a call. The truth is that only a professional can understand the root cause and with us at Pool Restorations, you don’t need anybody else at all!

A wide range of services on offer

The good news is that we can fix almost any kind of problem you may be facing with your concrete structure. What’s more, we are great at repairing fibreglass pools as well.

Why choosing us for concrete pool repair is such a great idea?

If you are wondering why, then there are specific reasons we can think of.

  • Professional and licensed: We are a local and fully professional, family-owned firm.
  • Experienced: We are happy to say that we have serviced scores of clients spread all over the city and we have a great track record.
  • Knowledgeable: We are a very knowledgeable group of people. We know all there is to know about pool restoration for the simple reason that we have been in the business for a long time.
  • Variety of services: One of the attributes people love about us that we can handle almost any pool issue they throw at us!

So if you need concrete pool repairs, don’t go anywhere else. Come to us at Pool Restorations and let us fix the problem for you!