Modular Pools

Good quality fibreglass pools can last for many years. But sometimes, neglect, age, and other factors can result in damage or deterioration in the feature. That’s when you would need modular pool repairs Sydney. We at Pool Restorations are a leading company in this field and our expertise spans everything from pool repairs, renovation and restoration.


High-Grade Pool Repairs in Sydney

If you have noticed any damage or cracking in your fibreglass pool, it’s crucial to get the issue fixed before it gets out of hand. The two different types of cracks that can appear in fibreglass pools are:

  • Stress cracks- These are typically caused by poor installation or improper handling while loading and unloading. If you do not fix these on time, it can lead to more complications and the issues can become costly and difficult to fix.
  • Structural cracks- These occur due to structural problems with your pool and can be complex in nature, taking more time to fix.

The important aspect in any Sydney pool repairs is timely intervention. We are quick with our response and provide efficient services. Whether you need some minor crack issues fixed or need significant restoration, we can help. We have the experience and knowledge to handle these tasks to industry standards and make sure our clients have an outstanding experience with us.


Types of Modular Pool Repairs

There are times when property owners wonder whether they would need to rip out the existing pool and get a new one in its place. But that is not always necessary. We always aim to provide cost-effective alternatives to removing or replacing your swimming pool. Our company has vast expertise in modular pool repair.

We use the best technology, latest techniques, and high-grade coatings so you have a long-lasting and affordable option. Restoring modular pools is a good way to fix persistent issues and improve the pool’s appearance. As part of these services we offer:

  • Pool leak detection
  • Crack repairs
  • Fibreglass surface renewal
  • Resurfacing & restoring fibreglass pools

When we handle this work, we make sure that every aspect of the job is completed systematically and on time. You will have a resilient and functional pool within the shortest time.


Affordable Modular Pool Repair

We are not just particular about providing high quality services, but also maintain affordable pool repair costs in Sydney so that our clients get excellent value for money. There are many reasons to get modular pool repairs done on time, such as:

  • Smooth surfaces make the pool safe for use
  • Seamless surfaces make maintenance easier.
  • A functional and well maintained pool adds to your property’s value
  • When you have a spruced-up modular swimming pool you & your family can enjoy using it without worries.


If you have noticed any signs of damage or wear and tear in your modular pool, contact us today and we will send out an expert to your location without delay for an inspection. For any more information about our customised modular pool repairs in Sydney services, feel free to contact Pool Restorations at 0416 488 461. You can also contact us through this online form.